Anna for Education

Anna for Education

Life empowerment coaching programme

“Education is more powerful than guns”
– Joseph Stalin



Anna for Education is a non-profit project, launched by Anna in February 2019, aiming at empowering youth and children from poor and difficult backgrounds, low-income families, neglected, underprivileged and disadvantaged areas; by providing life empowerment coaching and financial support for their education.


Anna has been emphasizing the importance of development and empowerment throughout all her life.


The present is her effort to foster education and serve the needy children.

Anna for Education

Anna for Education


Name of the Project: Anna for Education

Target Group: Children Age 6 – 15 years

Objectives: Provision of Life Empowerment Coaching and Education to Underprivileged & Needy Children


Parameters for Selection:

1) Age between 6-15,

2) Children living below the poverty line

3) Highly needy/disadvantaged/talented children

Area of Implementation: Southeast Asia


Document Requirements:

1) Certified Copy / Family Income Proof Certificate of the Child from the local government,

2) Details of the family members (names, occupations, ages & full address),

3) Passport sized photograph of the Child,

4) Personal details of the Child (full name, age, current education status, reasons for the requested support)

All the documents are to be submitted to , with the following subject “Application for Education Support for … (Name of the Child) of … (Name of the Country) under Anna for Education”.


Modalities of Reporting:

Academic Assessment will be done for every 3 months to extend the funding to the beneficiaries.

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