Anna for Life

Anna for Life



Dr Anna Barchetti Durisch


Executive Life Coach

Mentor, Advisor, Public Speaker



Founder and CEO of Anna for Life and Helios Life

20 years of experience in education, mentoring, public speaking, counseling and non-profit management.


19 years of extensive traveling across the world; connecting and interacting with different cultures, communities, beliefs and ethnicities.


20 years of following a strict spiritual path; experiencing different meditative states, self-retreat; fasting; extreme breath, body and mind control.


15 years of working on the concept of the expansion of consciousness in business, politics and society.


2 years of pursuing a research in finance and approach to metaphysics of money; fostering financial literacy.

Anna's pursuits

Anna's pursuits

Executive life coaching offered by Anna focuses on the concepts of excellence and self-improvement, financial empowerment and leadership.


Anna’s mentoring integrates personalized meditative and mindful practices along with a rich body of a conceptual system, mindset, strategies and a custom-developed set of habits and routines.

It aims at redesigning and upgrading human lifestyle leading to a state of higher physical and cognitive performance – both personally and professionally.


It draws from Anna’s educational background and her professional experience.


It is rooted in her humanitarian work, non-profit management, counseling as well as her mentoring activities.


It connects to her extensive meditative practices as well as her extensive traveling experience.


It refers to the challenges she posed to her body and mind, while pursuing a deep introspection and focusing on retrieving and sharing messages to empower and uplift human condition.


Educated as a Master of Business Administration; certified in Moral Foundations of Politics from Yale University (USA);

Terrorism and Counterterrorism from Leiden University (Germany); Leadership – Rules for Impact and Meaning from the University of California (USA);

Financial Markets from Yale University (USA);

Anna completed her PhD in Metaphysical Science in 2009 and for the past 20 years has been dedicated to work for humanity.

More About Anna

More About Anna

In 1998 Anna became a member of MENSA – The High IQ Society; an international society founded in Oxford in 1946 with its members representing the top 2% of human intelligence in the entire world. Her IQ used to be the highest ever measured in Poland – Anna’s motherland.

In 2000 Anna became a member of ISPE – The International Society for Philosophical Enquiry; a global scientific-philosophical society founded in 1974, dedicated to high achievement, advanced enquiry, original research and creative contributions.

Anna as an executive life coach has been engaging, advising, interacting and working with leaders, organizations, representatives of civil society, media and journalists, religious leaders, educators, individuals and communities over the years, attempting to channel their strengths and energies towards meaning and connection.

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