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I don’t believe in the concept of choice; choice implies division, I believe in totality.
We are naturally drawn to whatever we are inspired by and whatever we connect with.” (Dr Anna Barchetti Durisch)


Blowing up stereotypes…



Anna has been putting forth her engaging, thought provoking, revolutionary and mind shaking ideas;

lecturing and regularly addressing the United Nations in Geneva;

dramatically and powerfully presenting her views on money, education, love,

human rights, corruption, freedom, justice.

“It was her stunning statement delivered at the UN HR C XXII session “What’s the use of Wheel if there is no roads?” that got me interested in the work Anna does so effortlessly and ever since, I’ve been following her works. Such dedication and Sincerity is rare now. Anna has a lesson for every leaders, be it Family, Community, National or World.”

Masood Imad
President’s Office, Republic of Maldives

Standing for Education – Excellence – Empowerment



In 1998 she became a member of MENSA, scoring an IQ level higher
than any other previously measured in Poland;
two years later – member of ISPE,
the International Society for Philosophical Inquiry
and World’s Oldest 99.9% Organization.
Anna has been fostering the concept of financial literacy and financial empowerment worldwide.

Anna is a great social worker and human rights activist. She has been working for the education of downtrodden in conflicts. She preaches the message of love.

Altaf Wani,
Director Programs at Kashmir Institute of International Relations

Reaching the minds…



Anna’s mission is empowerment.
She has been traveling across the world, space and time; gaining throughout these years a huge exposure to different communities, places, cultures, beliefs, traditions and life stories.

Dr. Anna has an unsurpassed passion for people and the overall well being of humanity. She is an accomplished public speaker and dedicated professional. Dr. Anna’s work is an inspiration to those she mentors, the international community and her personal friends. It is a privilege to recommend her.

Rev. Suzanne Daniele-George, PhD
Metaphysical Teacher, Author

Speaking to the hearts…



Having completed her education, Anna has dedicated herself totally to humanitarian projects.
She chose to work for people, not for money.

“In the present time when there are a lot of mistrust between different cultures and societies, Anna’s work is for connecting the people from different race, ethnicity, religion and backgrounds. I understand that such projects which she is carrying on, are very important for the unification of the entire humanity with trust and happiness.”

Atif Suhail Siddiqui,
Research Fellow at Yale University

Going beyond boundaries…



For the past 15 years Anna has been pursuing deep meditation, prayer,
advanced yoga, fasting, altered states of consciousness.
She has been challenging her breath, body and mind – experimenting and learning; sleeping just 4 hours daily.
Anna has been bringing to this world messages on matter and consciousness.

The best and most friendly person I have ever met who cares about the Humanity. If she can she will Support and Help everyone and make this world Equal for Everyone. The best friend, business and personal adviser.

M Bassam Adam,
Country Manager, KyBun Switzerland

Uplifiting communities…



CEO and Founder of Anna for Life and Helios Life;
In consultative status with United Nations ECOSOC;
President of World Education Network and the International Institute of Economic, Social and Environmental Studies;
Chairman of Switzerland at WIEG, World International Economic Group;
International Vice President of the International Commission for Peace, Rights and Freedoms;
International Advisor at IOLPS, Institute of Offical Languages and Professional Studies.
PhD in Metaphysical Sciences

Anna is an extremely committed person to the cause of Peace and Development and is totally dedicated to her work. It is a great pleasure to have got to know her.”

Prithi Perera,
Secretary General, Sri Lanka National Commission for UNESCO



”The measure of intelligence is the ability to change”
– Albert Einstein




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